What Coach item would you..

  1. *gasp* NOT buy? Maybe because you just do not like it, its too popular, too expensive, too whatever.

    Another thread got me thinking about Coach wallets. They are very expensive and are just not practical. I find I prefer my cheaper leather wallets-they seem to just hold more & work better. And really I am the only one that sees it. I have a pretty wristlet that I share with everyone else!

    So what Coach item do you not want?
  2. there's a lot of Coach stuff that I wouldn't buy. Either it's not me, too expensive, whatever. There is a lot I do buy though.
  3. I usually don't buy anything signature. I like leather so all the signature with the stripe are not for me. I own one signature and it's a patchwork.
  4. Any patchwork stuff. It's too much for me. I'm the all leather kinda girl. =)
  5. a hip bag for sure. a fanny pack is still a fanny pack even if it is coach. i actually like my coach wallet. also wouldnt buy key fobs and charms. just seem a bit fo a waste of hard earned $ to me.
  6. This is probably really blasphemous to say in the Coach forum, but I have a love hate relationship with Coach. My reaction to all their bags is either "ooooooh :drool:!" OR "eeeeeww:wtf:!"

    I don't like denim bags, because I wear jeans almost everyday. So probably my least favorite Coach line of all time was the denim patchwork. I also didn't care for the '07 bright patchwork.

    I own 2 sig bags, but in general I'd rather have leather if I'm going to spend $200+ on a bag. I'm just weird that way. That's why I'd never buy an LV ($1000+ for coated canvas?!)!
  7. I'm not into the Scribble pieces and typically not into the patchwork pieces either, although I do really like the new suede patchwork bags that just came out...especially in that beautiful burgandy color! And I did like last years Holiday Patchwork version, but usually not a big fan...
  8. Demi and swing pack.
    Too small for me because I tend to carry ALOT of stuff around.
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  10. For me...a Carly. Just NMS. I just can't get into that bag.
  11. I probably wouldn't buy anything in signature except the ones I have which are not what I'd consider typical signature Coach bags (poppy duffle, Ali, and Carly). I also would not buy a gallery tote because it doesn't hold its shape. I don't like the Leigh because it reminds me of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. And nothing in denim or patchwork or swingpack.
  12. I don't care for shoulder bags at all so would never own a Carly, etc., (and don’t care for the look of the Carly). I wouldn’t buy a Leigh, Lily, etc., as I don’t care for bags with pockets all over the outside or lots of hardware. I could not see myself ever buying a swing pack as I have never liked the cross-body style bags though do understand their appeal when vacationing or something.

    I like Coach’s Hamptons line best as I prefer a bag I can carry in my hand or in the crook of my arm and like the classic styling with minimal bling.

    ETA - I also do not care for hobo bags as everything seems to fall to the bottom in one jumbled heap and I like my bags organized.
  13. I wouldn't buy a Carly I don't think just because they are the most popular bag in my area - everytime I go out I see someone with a Carly, and if I go to the mall I see them in multiples! Every Coach fan has a Carly around here it seems! I'm also not crazy about big, slouchy bags just because I have trouble finding my keys and little items in them. I think the Carly is a nice bag (obviously so does everyone else!), it's just not for me.
  14. I wouldnt buy a coach wallet. The closest Ive came to a wallet is the mini skinny, thats a good deal. But $200+ for a wallet? Thats insane to me, especially when I can get a bag for just as much or a little more.
  15. Signature items and bags with too much hardware (i.e., Lily). I also don't buy most of the acessories like the dog collars, keychain, etc. I think their strength in in their bags, wallets, and shoes.