What Coach item did you get the best deal on?

  1. Kind of like the other thread about your most expensive Coach piece, only opposite . . . which Coach item did you get the best deal on?

    I purchased the pleated leather hobo, which I believe to originally cost $398, at the outlet for $119!
  2. I got 2 briefcases at the outlet last week, regular $498 and $398 for 75% off each.

    On eBay I have gotten some good deals. Mainly on briefcases.

    Handbags - probably the Vintage Carryalls...
  3. Outside of PCE purchases, I think my best deal was my pink sig umbrella......$39 at the outlet.
  4. I got a Hamptons swing pack on 4th of July sales last year for around $24. Though I never used it and eventually sold it.
  5. I guess my Large Scarf Print Tote.... it was $378 I got it for $225, new with tags on eBay
  6. A hamptons large sateen tote at the outlets for $80. And my pce purchases.
  7. umm

    i won a pair of BNWB Danna shoes off eBay for 45ish plus shipping!
  8. My bandana umbrella too. $39 at the Outlet.
  9. wow! :wlae:
  10. legacy shoulder bag on ebay for $199 w free ship.

    less than half price and it was used maybe twice, looks brand new, i love it
  11. I used to buy things just because they were good deals :sweatdrop: and then I would end up selling them! but out of my collection that's left, I got my pink vintage carryall at the outlets for $313 (which is my birthday, so it was lucky! :nuts: haha), I think the retail was almost $600
  12. Definitely my black signature duffle, $107 no tax at the outlet in NH
  13. coach shoes! $42 for these black coach pumps (i think gennie, originally like $168) and $42 for these legacy stripe espadrilles (catolina, originally like 168) both from macys... oh and i had gotten a pebbled leather duffle in tobacco at macys for 190+tax, but found the same one on ebay for 100 including shipping!!! those are my biggest steals
  14. Has to be my Whiskey Legacy Shoulder Bag at the outlet the other day for $179.
  15. wow that is a deal