What Coach did you wear today?

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  1. So what Coach item/s did you wear today?

    It's really cold in California. Today I wore my pink sig messenger bag and charcoal cashmere scarf. With my Sandi Boots. I've never gotten so many compliments on anything like I did with these boots. Everyone wanted to know where I had got them.:P

  2. I love your boots! Too cute! I saw a girl with a similar pair in a pink scarf print boots. I just love them!
  3. my gold and purple turnlocked bag. (is it terrible that i dont know the name? argh! i just love her!)
  4. Those boots are CUTE!!
  5. Cute boots! I wore my Chelsea hobo in chocolate signature today! I love that bag! It's just gorgeous!
  6. I wore my Legacy Signature Shoulder bag (with the Legacy Signature Framed French Purse and the Legacy Signature Wristlet-- in brass/khaki/ebony), the Legacy Stripe Ponytail Scarf and the Small Hoop Earrings (in gold on gold).
  7. This is all I wore that's Coach: (I'm really loving this bag)
  8. You got that at an outlet for a crazy good price...didn't you? LOVE that bag!

    I wish it was cold enough here in New England to wear boots! My Uggs have gotten NO lovin' this year...it's been so frackin' WARM out! (although, was nice to wake up to temps in the 30's this morning!)
  9. pursefanatic - I don't blame you for loving that bag, it's gorgeous!

    deweydrop - you're bumming me out! Is it going to get colder up there this weekend? We're visiting my husband's family in MA for Xmas and I was hoping to show off my Coach shearling hat, but I can't if it's too warm . . .

    As for my Coach today: Suzie sunglasses and Carly bag!
  10. I too will be near Boston on Christmas Eve...right now they are saying Rain and a high near 50 on Saturday, Partly Cloudy and 51 on Sunday, and Partly Cloudy and 46 on Monday.

    Granted...this is New England...it could all change in 6 days...but the weather here has been very warm. (and yes - this is WARM for Mass in December!)
  11. I wore my Coach scribble metallic hobo.
  12. I tucked in my little embossed wristlet.
  13. This is the bag I used today :yahoo:

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  14. Forgot to add pics, the first is what I used today, the second is what I'm using tomorrow. wristlet.jpg