What Coach bag to take/use?

  1. Ok fellow Coach-lovers. Found out I have a job interview in a couple of weeks back East. I will be flying in (not checking luggage) for a couple of days to visit with a couple of friends and check on my house and then interview and fly back the evening of the interview. I want to dress to impress as this is a REALLY great job with great benefits. Normally when flying I use my swingpack but I only want to take one bag and I don't think a swingpack is good for an interview. I don't know exactly what I'll be wearing yet but most of my business attire is black (a couple of blue outfits).Which bag do you think I should use? These are what I have right now that are more full-size bags. And keep in mind the bag might have to *gasp* sit on the airplane floor in front of me during takeoff and landing.

    Black leather Soho small duffle/shoulderbag (no pic of it at work but can take one when I get home)

    Med choc sig Carly

    Natural Ali

    LE Scarf Ergo Hippie (Khaki/Brown with pink accents)

    Last choice- JUST BUY A BLACK Ali and use that (although I have to find one - the one I found on eBay is actually used and I want an unused one with the Legacy leather being prone to scratching/spotting.

    Last last choice- try to find a Bleeker Large flap in black or brown.
  2. Navy blue is going to be very fresh for spring (not in bags, I mean wardrobe), it's a very nautical spring indeed...so I would wear a blue suit or other attire with the Natural Ali, I love a beige color set off against navy (or any blue for that matter).

    I'm sure a lot of people will say black, black, black but honestly the suit world sees a lot of that and in Legally Blonde, Elle Woods didn't follow what everyone else was wearing. I think blue with a natural purse will look the most fresh!
  3. I like the idea of the natural Ali or the chocolate Carly. Navy would be pretty or off white/beige would be gorgeous! Or something in a nice pink paired with the chocolate brown. There's lots of possibilities with these two bags, IMO! Good luck!
  4. I am assuming that this is a conservative work environment so I would probably pair a black suit with an ecru colored camisole and shoes and then carry the Natural Ali. Or if you only have black shoes, carry the soho shoulder bag and add a bit of color (maybe blue) for the camisole. Add a strand of pearls and that's it. I would not carry a signature bag to an interview because I think that it is just too loud, particularly the khaki ones. While the Carly is muted in the chocolate brown, I think it is better to keep it classic and go for a leather bag. If you get the job, THEN you can buy the black Ali to reward yourself. Good luck on your interview! I hope you get the job so you can move back...it seems like you were a lot happier there from your posts. All the best to you!
  5. I would say either ali or carly.. but if you are wearing black I don't think chocolate carly would look the best. So maybe the natural ali which I think would be beautiful, or just go for it and get that black ali you have been wanting forever! :tup:
  6. Natural Ali would be best I think. You don't want to carry sig to a job interview; some employers find it presumptuous. I don't know why.
  7. Another vote for the natural Ali. Good luck on your interview.
  8. I agree. Anything that is all leather is more conservative.
  9. I would go with something in leather.
  10. The natural Ali will look classy and conservative no matter what outfit you're wearing. I give her my vote!
  11. Ditto the all leather. I got the Hamptons bag specifically for that purpose. I like the suggestion for a light-colored camisole with a suit and the natural Ali - the Ali has a great professional look.
  12. I vote for Ali. It's one of my favorite bags to use when I am visiting clients or going to meetings. I have one in whiskey and one in black and they are both an asset to my wardrobe.
  13. Thanks so much for all of your feedback. I think the Ali is the bag. Candace I like your idea of the kind of nautical theme. I have to see what I have...ooo...maybe a new outfit? :nuts:. I have some really nice navy shoes that I know will be comfortable and worn in just enough. Mmmm...have to see what we can do...:yes: Feel free to keep the opinions coming. Hope it doesn't snow when I'm there :eek:
  14. Ali
  15. Good luck on your interview!!! I also love the idea of the navy with the natural Ali!