What coach bag is this??

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  1. My boyfriend bought this at his mother's yard sale, and I just want to know what the bag is called. I'm pretty sure it's real, his sister has a collection of designer bags. I just want to know what it's called. He got it for 20 dollars.

    Oh, and this is a funny story.. We went to a Coach store and I looked at the bags and I liked a scarf one. So I looked at the tag and thought it was 48. Well my thumb was covering the 3. LOL I felt so stupid. It was 348$.

  2. So is "Demi" the style?
  3. It's cute! I think the blue would be great with jeans.
  4. I'm thinking its a Hamptons demi style, from early 2000's.
  5. it is a hamptons bag for sure, dont know a specific name or style
  6. Very cute bag!
  7. #8 Aug 13, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2008
    What's the serial number?

    If the style number is 6115 it's a Canvas Bleecker Demi Zip.
  8. Yes it's 6115 :tup: