What Coach bag do you find yourself using more and why????

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  1. Hey all, thought this would be an interesting question.What bag do you keep going back to, or do you use on a Regular basis and why ?I find myself sticking to 1 bag. Especially since I bought my Patent small spotlight in black! This bag goes with everything, I love the different compartments, as well as the 2 zip pockets on the outside. My favorite part is the small slip pocket on the front of my bag( great for my cell phone)and I just Love how Easy she is to maintain....I never did switch out bags on a regular basis anyways.Having 4 makes it alot easier to stick with one,lol....I love that I do not have to ponder about what bag I'm going to carry....Any how, I'd love to hear your replies....:biggrin:
  2. I really like to rotate bags. It really depends on my mood too. If I want a classic look, I go with one of my Maggies or my Hampton's carry all. If I'm feeling young and hip I'll go with my Zoe or my Mandy. If I had to pick one bag to keep going back to though, I would have to say though it'd be my black Maggie. I just got her a few days ago, but I can tell already she'll be the one I carry consistantly.
  3. My go to bag is the inlaid peyton, I love this bag, it stays on my should, i can find all of my stuff easy in it, it goes well with outfits, and its that awesome!!!!!!
  4. Since I have been apart of TPF, I see how so many, have multiple bags and switch out often.I honestly have never been a switcher outer,lol.....Even before I bought Coach...I guess I'am a 1 bag kinda girl!!!! Since buying my spotlight, I have gotten way to comfortable using her.I do change my accessorie's sometimes, but they usually go with the bag that I'am carrying anyways.I think for Me, I would rather carry (1) bag and get alot of different Accessorie's to make it more fun.....It is so odd that I get stuck on 1 bag, but It is also a good thing, because it means that I love the bag.....:P
  5. Here lately, my go-to bags are my Ergo Totes (I have them in black patent, brown patent, brown leather (forgot the actual color name), black leather, & natural and switch out according to the weather/my wardrobe. (I also have the scarf print and turquoise- but I'm saving those for Spring/summer). They're just so darn easy to get stuff in/out of and stay on my shoulder....

    I've also been wearing my graphite Maggie a lot too (for a different look). Especially loving my patent bags~they've been holding up great in this horrible weather we've had this winter.
  6. Me too! I have been using her non-stop ever since I got her in December!

    I also really love my jade maggie!
  7. My go to bag is the Steel large Sabrina
  8. I always go to my large sabrinas a lot because I love the style/shape of the bag and it fits a ton!
  9. My go to bag for over a year was my bleeker tote. The tattersal lining always made me smile and it fit a ton of stuff for work. Now that I have bought my Maggie, she is my everyday bag now!
  10. Keep going back to my Medium size Black Leather Ergo. Perfect size.
  11. My all time favorite go-to-bag is and probably always will be my Ergo medium black patent tote. Its lightweight, goes with everything (I LOVE black patent), easy to get in and out of, not too big or too small, has a handy slip pocket in the front for keys or phone and has the lovely Legacy stripes! I LOVE this bag! :biggrin: Carrying it today actually... :cloud9:
  12. my bleecker patent leather tote, great for snowy days (like today) holds a ton and heck it PATENT LEATHER. I LOVE ME SOME PATENT LEATHER. Plus I do not see a lot of people with this bag. Otherwise it is my cherry sabrina. LOVE HER TOO. going to use her today.
  13. I know what you mean when you say you Love Patent leather...I just bought my 1st Patent leather bag, and it is by far my Favorite bag,(signature,leather etc.)I did not realize how light weight and easy it is to care for..So my new all time favorite bag will be my Poppy patent bag~~~~
  14. I am enjoying my cambridge right now because it holds EVERYTHING and the leather seems pretty low maintenance! I got caught in the rain and I just wiped it off and no problem. I can put a diaper and wipes in there and on we go!
  15. I also really love my inlaid peyton and use her ALOT. She is my go to work bag. On days off I like to use my other bags. I'm really loving my patent audrey right now but I really do switch bags daily. I am a huge fan of the purse to go organizer. I just pull out the whole thing and put it into my new purse. 5 seconds and I've switched bags.