What clutch would you recommended?

  1. Hi Ladies!

    I am looking for an evening clutch and I don't know what to get. I have never purchased any clutch before and this will be my very first one. And of course, I don't know what I am doing. I wonder if you could please help me find one? Please post pic of what you have or pics and the store name.

    I like to have black, gold, silver, orange, or copper. I am afraid of fur and animal print. And I am not a big fan of multiple colors, but two tones is okay.

    I am a big fan of designers: Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, Chloe, Salvatore Faragamo, Prada, Gucci, Valentino, Marc Jacob, Dolce & Gabanna, etc..

    Not a big fan of: Chanel, Coach, Burberrry, etc..

    Price range: open
  2. With the exeption of the cannage clutch which I thought was reasonably priced, Ms Natalia has expensive tastes :yes:
  3. i was born that way, my dear, its in the genes :jammin:! i could point out a few more in this subforum not necessarily shopping for their handbags in zara ...;)
  4. Good comeback ;)

    I told my mum that either I was rich in my past life and it is coming through in my present life or I am gonna be :girlsigh:.

    You need to be when your surrounded by so many beautiful bags posted :s

  5. lol same here:okay:...and you know what is weird ? i will go to a shop ( no matter what : furniture, shoes, electronics, bed linen, you name it ) and without looking at the prices i will most likely adore and want the most expensive item...my SO says i have a price radar built in ! );)

    and if i was rich...my ultimate wish list at the moment is like 40 bags at least..how crazy is that :shame:
  6. I'm not quite that bad, I'll dry myself with my tatty towels :lol: as long as I have a nice bag on my shoulder.

    And what would be at the top of that list hmmm maybe one of these:


    Then you can buy one of these to go on it with the change left over:


  7. lol i said i like the most expensive things the most..that doesnt mean i actually buy them :crybaby: what i think is terrible, no matter what i buy these days, i regret that money because it could be spent on another bag ! i choose a sofa and i think - why buy a new sofa, i would have another balenciaga for that ! i even wanted to cheap out on hols to have more money for bags, that is sick.

    i love the padlock but my kelly has to have box leather like this one....:girlsigh::love::shame:

  8. Box is a nice leather :yes:

    I am very concerned nat, balenciaga tree's, cheaping out - where is there a bagaholics anonymous near you :lol:

    Sorry to hijack your thread bagladyseattle [​IMG]

  9. the only leather i like more than box is a croc lol! :roflmfao:

    yeah i dont know why u didnt come up with some nice ideas for bagladyseattle, bad girl ! :boxing:

    and baglady no matter what designer clutch you choose please let us know !:upsidedown:
  10. may i suggest the gaucho clutch in any colour, it looks lush IRL and comes in a good variety of colours - pink, black, purple, silver, etc.

    I have a picture of another dior evening bag with sequins (and in satin), that looks to me like a nice dressy clutch for dinner events. i'll upload pictures of it once i get control of my laptop. ;)

    (edit) it occurred to me also that the mini lady dior is a fantastic alternative to a clutch - i tried it on in store and fell in love with it, it's dainty enough to function as a clutch of sorts but with handles! LOL! the pink version is absolutely divine by the way. :tup:
  11. as promised, pictures of the gaucho clutch...
    if memory serves me right the gaucho clutches are in the region of mid-to-high $1000+. my memory is horrible these days.

    p/s whoops, i must have deleted the picture of the evening clutch. :shame:
    dior gaucho evening.jpg gaucho evening black silver.jpg gold gaucho clutch.jpg
  12. They look devine, I hadn't seen these before :nuts:
  13. Ms. Nataliam1976, thank you for your help. I love the Dior Mail Chain and Suede and the rest is fantastic as well.

    Ms. Uktimatechic, the Hermes Birkin Kelly makes me drool. OMgoodness... You're teasing me.

    Both of you make me LOL! My busband and I are looking for an additional car. Personally, I don't care too much about car. He likes me to have a new version, but secretly I rather have the older version so I can Birkin Kelly.

    Ms. zerodross, thank you for your help as well. I love the Guacho too.

    Ladies, I will sure let you know what clutch I'll get. Thanks again!
  14. OMG the gaucho clutch is amazing, i also haven't seen this before.