What clutch/evening bag to go with these dresses?

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    I need a clutch or evening bag to go with these dresses:

    I'm changing the belt on the last one, and there was the most perfect mini cookie evening bag, but it sold before I found the dress. So what bag/clutch should I go for? Need to find it used, as I cannot afford a brand new.
  2. Cute dresses, I think the lily would go best with them due to the chain detail.
  3. I agree about Lily and I thought cookie would have been perfect for the second dress, before I read your comment about the mini, Saeria...great minds!

    The dresses are gorgeous and I had my eye on the first one already! A black lily would be perfect with the first dress and any colour you like with the second, you could match the belt with the bag.

    What's the occasion?
  4. Yes. great minds indeed. ;) The occasion is a x-mas party at work. I will also use it for x-mas and new years eve.
  5. What about a drummed patent Charlie in a bright colour? They have chain strap so dressy looking and brighten up any outfit.
    I have the lime which is bright but goes with everything xx
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  7. It would need to be new but have you thought about a mini Lilly. Very adaptable and super cute !

    If it does not have to be leather what about a dark heather and black Rosie? Quilted texture an adaptable chain and interesting pattern. I use mine a lot more than I thought I would. May be on eBay or I saw one at Shepton Mallet this week new for £100.
  8. I think lily would be perfect.
    or maybe a daria clutch?
  9. Very first thing came to mind was a Lilly (just got one & loving it ) but I think Candysroom(s) idea of the black/heather Rosie is genius .. (btw - lovely dresses, you'll look fantastic) xH