What clubs are you planning to join?

  1. Over at the LV clubhouse, what clubs are you planning to join or want to join? Me, I'm dying to join the Celebrated Suhali and the Rolling Bedford etc. club and I have a feeling I will be soon :angel: What about you?
  2. i'll be in the Rolling, Discontinued, Vernis, Mini Monogram and Epi clubs soon:yahoo:
  3. Hmmmm....I guess I COULD join some clubs....but I never join ANY lol....iono just my personality....I'm usually the REJECT (this is what happens to nerds like me, we only like the Chemistry club). So...ya...:biggrin:
  4. I'm in a few already and hoping to join the inclusion and suhali clubs soon.
  5. Where do I find the details to these clubs?
    I've noticed the titles above recently.
    What does it entail?
  6. I want to join Vernis and Tulum clubs!!!:graucho:
  7. :huh: if i understood your question correctly, just go to the Clubhouse sub-forum and see what they have there
  8. It's Damier & Epi for me! :yes:
  9. I have to take some pics..
    I am dying to join rolling, and suhali..
  10. I will be joining the Alma Club soon...More on this later! You ladies are not going to believe this!!! :yahoo: Seriously, I have the most incredible news.:angel: Cannot say anything just yet.:lol:
  11. You're such a tease!! :lol:
  12. Suhali! Blue,,, Irene has one.... incredible!
  13. That's just cruel!! :lol:

    I'm hoping to join the epi and inclusion club soon.

  14. Ah ok...this is like the Speedy Gonsales thread.
    I didn't understand at first. I thought the clubs were a place you had to join if you were interested in that particular club and then talk about those specific items/line and so forth. But I see now that you go and post pics if you have anything in the featured line/item.

    Duh...was having a JS moment :lol:
  15. ooh, ooh, i forgot the Cerises club too :biggrin: