What CLs did Santa bring you??

  1. Santa, aka my bf, got me electric blue patent simples! This is huge considering my bf doesn't understand why i need another pair of shoes, let alone CLs (he was just clued in about cost and nearly fell over).

    I mentioned these shoes once, and that my friend works at CL. So while i was sleeping at his place, he snuck into my apt to check out my shoe size. Then proceeds to go to CL and say "my gf is (insert name here), she has a friend who works here and she wants a blue shoe. Luckily he said this to my SA friend and she knew exactly what i wanted! Only problem was he got them a full size too big, but bless his heart for trying. And I am totally bummed that it is Sunday and CL is closed.
  2. omg that is so sweet!
  3. what style is the shoe??
  4. awwww so sweet!!
  5. I got the 70mm Simples.
  6. Wait a second...it's not Christmas yet! lol

    I hope they can get you the right size. That is so very sweet of your bf.
  7. sweet can't wait to c pics
  8. That is so cute! My boyfriend bought me a pair of red wine patent leather Rolandos for Christmas. I got them early though :biggrin:
  9. Awwwww. What a sweet guy! I would love another pair because I don't own any CL in black (can you believe it!) but if I buy another pair my DH will fall over. And he certainly won't be buying me any. :push: So I keep going back and forth over whether to get a pair or not. If I wait long enough the style I want may be sold out in my size so the problem will cancel itself out.
  10. P.S. I just realized how whiney I sound, LOL. Congratulations DLS80ucla and Chicbabacool!
  11. LOL, my mom got me a pair of blue pigalles 70mm for christmas! hehe and i got myself a pair of yellow patent simple pumps 100mm! too bad i have no bf this year, i hope i get better luck the next!
  12. that is so sweet! I don't know anyone who wouldn't freak over the price of CLs, let alone buy them for me for Xmas. You are one lucky girl!
  13. What a great boyfriend. I love that color blue. LadyDeluxe, you have an awesome mom. I would love to have the 70mm pigalles in blue. Have either of you posted pics yet?
  14. OMG I nearly fell over when I opened the box. Yesterday we each opened one gift and I know there were at least 2 pairs of CLs under the tree for me. I opened the biggest box...and guess what was in it???!!



    I'm not sure if I will get much wear out of them though. :hrmm: But I can drool all I want in the privacy of my own home. Hehe. :amuse: They are so gorgeous and I don't have many suede shoes. YAY. I may have to return them..I've been wanting them forever now but they just aren't practical. Especially for the price.
  15. Awww.. that is great! How sweet! Is your party tonight? Have fun!!