what clothing

  1. what clothing do you have the most of me dresses
  2. I have a lot of sweaters. I buy the same styles, in different colors. I'm so silly!
  3. Dress pants.
  4. T shirts ... but that's because I buy them in bulk. I hardly ever wear them though. I wear a larger variety of evening/cocktail dresses than anything else.
  5. I have a yon of Vneck sweaters ineither cotton or merino wool and I have a ton of button downshirts to match I have probaly 15 white button down shirts
  6. I have a lot of t-shirts and cashmere sweaters.
  7. tank tops and jeans.
  8. I have more than 50 tank tops. I wear them underneath everything... I have the kinds with bra tops in them, the ribbed undershirt styles... all colors and patterns :smile:
  9. Those are nice and convenienet, I have a few as well.
  10. I have a lot of...
    Everything :shocked::true:
  11. denim and tanks
  12. I have a lot of tanks/camisoles, cable knit sweaters, and jeans.
  13. dressy casual tops & hair accessories
  14. I have tons of camis, jeans, and skirts.
  15. Probably jeans, followed by tank tops.