What clothing brands you prefer for your baby boys?

  1. I did A LOT of Ralph Lauren (I brought it from TJMaxx and second hand) when my son was small, under walking age... I also did and now still do Crazy8, gymboree, and Target clothes for play...
  2. I love Nordstrom rack. I buy all presents for my nephews there as far as clothing goes.

    Curious, how is Zullily for buying baby clothes? Any positive experiences?
  3. As with all the other flash sale sites, it's hit or miss IMO. I've bought some items there without knowing about the brand that have been great, while other items were not even close in sizing for kids' clothing. You also have to note when something will ship out. Sometimes it's immediate and sometimes there is text indicating shipment will take weeks.

    Once I had a customer service issue with a product I bought from Zulily and their CS was excellent.
  4. We have always dressed our son in Baby Gap and Gymboree. Loove their stuff!
  5. I love Carter's for my little guy. So comfy and Colorful. He also has baby gap, Gymboree and plenty of Ralph Lauren.
  6. I am expecting my first child- a boy- in October and was depressed that boy clothes don't seem to be that cute. This thread proves that theory wrong. :smile:

    So far, I have found adorable things in Gymboree and Baby Gap. Some of my friends have baby boys and get their clothes from Kohl's and they are just adorable- and inexpensive.
  7. Honestly I love boys clothes more.... :smile: I like that they are simple, have such a variety of colors, and babies/little boys look so cute in their little outfits.

  8. ita!