What clothing brands you prefer for your baby boys?

  1. Could you please suggest me nice clothing brands for my 18 months old son? Right now he wears a lot of Ralph Lauren. TIA.
  2. My boys wears Morfs brand, Luca Charles, Kicky Pants, Sckoon Organic, Kate Quinn, Emile Et Rose, RL and some cute tees from David Goliath.
  3. Wow...I guess I will sound boring. But when he was young/still at the babier stage, I did a lot of Carter's. Once he was in separates, I started to do a lot of Gymboree with the occasional Old Navy/Gap pieces thrown in, and that is what I still do today. Gymbo is really affordable with their sales and coupons, and the other two stores just add some variety and basics.
  4. You are not boring at all. I do still buy Carter/Gap and even Circo (Target) and I dress them up to school with them instead. All the nicer one I keep for weekend or when they go out with us.
  5. Same here! I dress my son a lot on Carters/Gap and Circo M-F at the daycare. And all the nice ones I keep for weekends as well. I like Mini Boden for boys :smile:
  6. Even though I have a girl, I LOVE Carter's clothes. They are alot softer and true to size when I compare them to her other clothes. Also Target sells clothes made by Carter. Carter's also has some great sales :smile:
  7. Absolutely! I think us adults tend to do the same too comes weekend :p Also I never buy those nicer brands in full price. Plenty sites offering deals (gilt, zulily, myhabit etc), if you look close enough, sometimes you pay Old Navy prices on these.
  8. :tup:
  9. Mainly OshKosh. They last long and keep looking good. I am disappointed from Tommy Hilfiger – a friend handed me down a bunch, I liked it and started buying but the new ones are like totally different brand.
  10. I love Children's Pace for my son. Also, Crazy 8s.
  11. I love h&m for babies. Love love their cute hipster outfits. I got a lot of skinny jeans for DS (18 mo) from h&m because they are softer and stretchier. Got some bright colored skinny jeans since it is spring! We wear matching pairs sometimes! I like Carter's for jammies but I am not a big fan of their cutesie designs and phrases on their clothes (i.e. I love mommy, etc). Good quality though, just wish they had different styles. I also get some Gap and RL from time to time but they are a bit preppy for my taste. RL sizing seems kind of all over the place too. Ds has been wearing 2t since 12 months and now almost fits into 3t. He is not big or anything so that puzzles me. He is a bit above avg in height and a bit under avg in weight.
  12. Pop all the way..!!! With a bit of petit bateau..!
  13. for daily wear DS is usually in something from carters, children's place, oshkosh, circo (target brand), old navy and gymboree. for trips he wear gap, calvin klein, ralph lauren and other cute outfits that are readily available at TJMAXX.
  14. I like Mini Boden, Tea Collection and Peek a lot. Splendid Littles doesn't hold up as well, but it's really soft and cute.
  15. Gymboree or Jack & Jill.