What classic flap color is this?

  1. Any ladies know the exact color of this medium classic flap caviar? Is it just a beige w/ gold hw? Is it 'peach'? It's lovely! :love:I know it's mostly due to the lighting of the shoot, but lovely nonetheless. I want this!!
    Do you girls know if Saks, Chanel, whoever still carry this color around? A classic piece for S/S!! :heart::heart::heart::heart: Thanks for your help!

  2. I think it's just beige
  3. I think it is beige.
  4. Oops. Pics didn't show!

  5. Its coral with gold hardware in lambskin
  6. Its a beauty!
  7. Lambskin? Not caviar??? I wanted to believe it was caviar, because it'll be more durable. I usually see it like this,my preference for bags: light colors = caviar; dark colors=lambskin. But lambskin is very gorgeous in all colors.