What classic bag should I get as a graduation gift?

  1. My mom offered to buy me a handbag for my grad school graduation. Originally I thought to ask for a classic Chanel, but I've been having doubts. What do you girls think? Does anyone have any other ideas for a classic bag that I can ask for? Price range about $2k.

    How much would a low-end Hermes be?
  2. I am in love with Chanel, so I say go for Chanel! It will never go out of style and you will use it forever!!! Their totes are fabulous for every day and the flaps are stunning when worn casually with jeans and a fun top or dressed up with a LBD.

    I'm biased though...because I LOVE Chanel. Maybe others can help you more! :lol:

    Edited to say - I am not sure how much Hermes bags are. If you want more info on Hermes, check out the Hermes forum! The ladies there are full of great knowledge!
  3. I second that. Go for Chanel!!!!!!
  4. Chanel! It is classic! and with all the price hikes and stuff u should get one of their classics now because in a year it could be like 1k more lol.
  5. Chanel would definitely be the most classic and timeless. Plus, people would never be able to guess how old you are by the style of your bag LOL!
  6. Hands down, Chanel. I got a few Chanels as part of my graduation present this past June of '07. Since then, I haven't looked back and have been addicted ever since!

    I suggest the jumbo flap or the GST. :yes: Truly timeless bags that won't go out of style.
  7. I like Prada!
  8. Chanel!! I love my Classic Chanel Jumbo bag. I love it so much I asked at Bloomie's last weekend if they had it in stock, because I want another one. I've had so many compliments on this bag. It will always be in style, and makes a very positive statement about the person carrying it.
  9. Which bag is the GST? Do you have a pic?
  10. def get the chanel 2.55 classic. you can't go wrong!
  11. Check out the Chanel reference library for pics. ITA with everyone here, go for a Chanel FLAP, its perfect!