What claim should I do??

  1. I recently bought a bag from eBay, when I received it the bag is not as described at all. It has stains everywhere, and the condition is very bad. I contacted the seller and she agreed for me to return it. I checked the package status and I saw it's been delivered and signed by someone else. I contact the seller regarding the refund and told her if there is anything I can do to help her to get her fees back. I haven't heard anything from her.
    I want to claim my $$ back through paypal but I don't know what claim should I make..not received item or item not as described. I took the pics of the bags before I mailed it back just incase I need the proof.
    I heard paypal need thrird party involvement when we claim item not as described.

    Please help..
  2. From what you are saying, you have an "item not as described" and that is how you should approach Paypal for the refund. Doesn't matter if someone else signed for it...that's not the issue from what I'm reading.....because you did, in fact, receive the bag (stains and all). Hopefully you paid by credit card, and, if so, also notify your credit card company.
  3. See if she will send you a mutally decided not to complete transaction form. She gets her fees back once you accept.
  4. I dispute it with paypal, I also noticed that the fund was from bank account..darn it I didn't know

    The seller contacted me and told me to close the dispute and she will give me partial refund or let me claim and paypal will sort this out.

    I don't know what to do..I hate dealing with paypal ..

    The whole things is kinda fishy,
    this seller has different eBay registration name, diferent paypal's name, different mailing name, when I asked paypal for contact info, no address and the phone number belong to someone else.
    eBay is under A name
    Paypal under B name
    Mailing address under C name
    the person who signed the package under D name
    The phone number at Ebay under E
  5. Hi! I'm new here (but old to ebay / paypal). I just wanted to say DON'T CLOSE THE DISPUTE. You are only allowed to dispute a transaction through paypal once, and after you close a dispute you can't reopen it. If you aren't getting any satisfaction from the seller, use the dispute console on Paypal to upgrade your dispute to a claim. She should refund BEFORE you close the dispute, not after it. Hope this helps!

  6. That's what I thought too..thank you for responding..

    I think the seller knows the loop holes..
  7. That's quite a dishonest seller, I would dispute too.