What CL style is the most comfy? Please help

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  1. Hi all,

    I am CL newbie, I just got Rolando, but my toes folded and crunched in that toes box. I got it 1 size up, they a tad big but I think my toes are too long for the toes box. It's freaking painful I can even walk on it. It has pinching and sharp in my toes, only the left shoes. I've tried the sock trick for 3 days and it does not work. Want on have any other suggestion on what I can do to stretch out the toe box?

    Which of the CL is most comfy? I've been eyeing two pairs of Decollete on ebay? Is the Decollete in patent more comfortable than Rolando? Does the Decollette in square toes (in season September 2009) has more room than regular Decollete? Sizing wise, should I doe 1/2 or full size up?
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    There are a ton of threads with varied and detailed opinions regarding comfort. If you do a search for "comfort" you should find a wealth of information. Since you are asking about these two styles in particular, you may want to start here:


    Every foot is so different that no one style is the most comfy for every wearer. I have a skinny heel, high arch, long toes, and wide ball of foot. I do best in simples and ron rons. If you are looking for something a little sexier...I would read through all of the comfot threads for the best advice.

    Good luck! Let us know what you choose!

    These may help also:




  3. Next time, please do a search first. :ty:
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