What city has the most Tokidoki shopping...

  1. On the Eastern side of the US? I am trying to plan a trip but don't know which city would be best to visit. Thanks!!
  2. It should be nyc! They have them at the department stores and at the lesportsac stores over there
  3. Yah I'd say nyc too! (but maybe I'm biased cuz I'm from here .. lol) :biggrin:
  4. Thanks..I appreciate the suggestion!:smile:
  5. Yeah, I'd say so, too. I've heard a lot about the shopping in NYC... it's probably the only place in NY, other than the outlets, that sell toki :yes: I wish upstate did :cry:
  6. Really, is NYC the best? IDK why I always thought Cali would be.
  7. California is probably better but I asked about just the Eastern part of the US because plane tickets are too high for the West Coast right now.
  8. OHHHHHHHH I didn't even see that in your first post, lmfao. DUH JESS. k.
  9. No problem:smile:
  10. oh and I forgot to post that yellow rat bastard sells toki tees!!
  11. Macy's Herald Square has a great display, and Bloomies Soho always has some too. But everything's gone from the Lesportsac stores, so don't count them. Kid Robot has the 9" Meomi qee on display, and it is rediculously cute! I'm another biased local, but NYC is awesome for shopping in general, so I think it's a great destination. :smile:
  12. also toy tokyo for vinyls.
    and there's that century 21 store people keep talking about. never saw one of those when i still lived in nyc, but it sounds cool since people keep finding tokis on sale there.:shrugs:
  13. OMG how did I forget about Century 21?! hahaha
  14. I love Century 21:smile:
  15. ooh tvstar you're from NY too? cool :biggrin: