What City Do You Think Has the Most BBAG Carriers?

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  1. So I was talking to my husband yesterday and he says to me, "I've never seen one of those in Miami before". I searched my memory for images of women in Miami carrying Balenciaga. I live in Coral Gables so I see Chanel, Gucci, Chloe and LOTS of LV. But my husband was right - in my living time in Miami I've only seen 1 bbag. It was at a Starbucks and the bag was a truffle City.

    So that got me thinking....aside from celebrities, what city has the most bbags carriers? I would :heart: to see some locals carrying bbags so I could drool over them. :drool: But alas, there are either hardly any bbag lovers in Miami or they are in hiding.:Push:

    So ladies, what city do you see the most bbags in?
  2. Well I know for sure that there are tons of people in Paris. Bal matches the cool french style really well.
  3. I see at least one in NYC every day.
  4. 2nd that.

    Although I see more fakes than I do the real but NY definitely has alot of them. I think it was actually worse approx a year or so ago when I felt that EVERYONE was carrying them. That was when the whole Nicole R and other young celebs were pictured heavily carrying them - then there was like an explosion on the streets. Young and old were carrying fakes everywhere you turned.

    I feel that huge trend has subsided now but you still see them practically every day. Just not like before (thank God).
  5. As far as U.S. cities are concerned, it seems to be NYC.
  6. NYC by far...especially where the young and hip gather (ie Bleecker St).

    I also see a lot of them in Millburn/Short Hills, NJ.
  7. So far we have Paris and NYC. I haven't been to the city for two years now (I used to work on Broadway and Houston) and didn't see a lot of bbags back then. Has there been a recent explosion of bbag buying in the past two years?

    I feel like when I do get looks in Miami for my bbag it's more for the "pop" color (Aqua) rather than bag recognition. And I kinda like that (a bag being admired more for it's characteristics than for its name).

    I'm going to the city in August so I'll keep my eyes open and see if I spot any bbags!
  8. I need to move to NYC nobody ever carries them in Orlando:tdown: (only me!)
  9. I think it makes sense that Bal is more frequently seen in fashion forward cities. It's just such a cool, avant guarde brand. Most of their clothes (and shoes, IMO) are really hard to pull off.
    I also see lots of women in Paris wearing the super high boots the Olsens have.
  10. i agree they're everywhere in nyc!
  11. I rarely see any in DC.
  12. I agree! I think Miami has more flashy fashion than anything (fast cars, large sunglasses, bronzer, small clothing, lots of jewelry and screaming brand name items). Lot so of money, lots of flash.
  13. In spite of the celebrity factor, I rarely see Bbags in LA. And when I do, I'd guess that 50% of the time they're fake.
  14. Really? I would have thought that LA would be Bal heaven!
  15. London has a fair few but I doubt it is anywhere near as many as NYC or Paris :nogood:
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