What city,country you would like to vist one day?

  1. for me i've been traveling since i was a baby so i love to travel, i think it played a big part of me joining the navy also 9/11.
    anyway i love love to visit AFRICA i've been to seychelles but that is off the coast of africa.
    i would also love to visit FRANCE.how about you?
  2. I studied abroad 2 years ago and traveled extensively through Europe, which is when I think I officially caught the travel bug! Since then, my list of places I'd like to visit has been gradually growing. I won't bore you all with the places on my wish list- but I really want to go to Russia, Japan, and Egypt!
  3. Seychelles!!! Lucky girl!!! I too, would love to go to Africa and the Seychelles. I spend a lot of time in the Mulberry forum and love the banter back and forth, so top on my list is the English countryside with visits to my TPF friends!! Scotland too!!!

    Good thread, the responses should be interesting!!
  4. Anywhere in Europe. Im going to Portugal/Spain next October and hope to stay just a little bit longer so I can travel north to France!!
  5. Italy.
  6. I want to go back to London.
    I also want to go back to Paris.

    I traveled a lot when I was younger, but I want to go back to those places.

    I would love to go to Prague.
  7. EGYPT!! Hopefully in 08...
  8. I'd love to travel all over Canada.

    And I'd love to visit Egypt one day. Oh, and Dubai.
  9. i would love to travel all over asia
    hong kong, shanghai, seoul, tokyo
    versailles is also a place i would love to visit :]

    i can't wait to travel!! i haven't even been on a plane yet
  10. france

    and more places in asian :smile:

    i also want to go back to the Grand Cayman..I love that place to death :smile:.......espically the Turtle Hatchery and the discount shops :smile: lol
  11. ^^^ I loved Grand Cayman, too. I loved the beach...the warm, gorgeous blue water....the white sand...
    I would love to visit London...someday I hope I will.
  12. I'm dying to go to Las Vegas and see all the hotels, shopping and attractions. I'd love to go for my 21st in a couple of years time.

    One day I'd love to go to Egypt and Tokyo too.
  13. First, I want to visit Panama. Then I would like to go to Egypt. I would love to go to Italy, especially Rome, I bet its amazing. Finland and Norway both look awesome. I could go on and on.
    As far as the US, there arent many places I havent been, but Alaska looks absolutely beautiful, I would love to go there.
  14. I reallllly want to go to the middle east! I've been to egypt and israel but i've always wanted to go to UAE! Also greenland nepal cambodia and vietnam.
  15. I'd love to go to Italy, Greece, Paris, England, Germany.....pretty much anywhere in Europe, Hong Kong & Australia. The furthest I've ever been to was Aruba & Mexico.