What cities do you love to Shop in?

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  1. I love traveling, and have traveled to a couple of major cities across the world and in the States. I am a Native New Yorker and I love the shopping here but I love the selection and shopping in Paris, Los Angeles, London, Toronto, Florence, and a few other places.
    What are your Favorites?
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  2. I live in Charlotte and I enjoy shopping here, but usually have to go to NYC or Atlanta for better shopping.

    I guess my favorite is Portland, Oregon since its tax free, plus Powell's and the best Pinot noir. Seattle and Miami are fun too.

    Internationally - I like St. Barth's, San Juan and Aruba. I liked the hipster college vibe of Heidelburg Germany. In Italy, we liked Venice the best for shopping. London is wonderful. We are heading to Spain next week so I'm looking forward to shopping in Madrid.
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  3. Paris and Singapore!
  4. Oh Yes, Bal Harbour is a must. I will put down Portland and Singapore on my to do list. Everywhere else I have been too but excited about going to Australia.
  5. Santa Monica has the best TJMaxx in LA :smile:
    They have Marc Jacobs. Not Marc by Marc but real Marc Jacobs. Loooovvvvvveeee!
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  6. New York, Paris,London & Rome over the years I have found & still find
    some outstanding items
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  8. Hong Kong : ) - no tax
  9. Italy in general and Rome in particular. There are so many small individual shops, I never go there without buying some beautiful things, I just booked a trip for September ;)
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  10. There's no shopping like shopping in New York!

    I love how it's so easy to walk from SoHo or Greenwich Village up to 5th/Madison. The tax isn't too bad. And if you buy anything under $200, I think that's the cap, then you don't pay tax at all. Most boutiques are happy to ship back home, too.
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  11. London, especially during the Boxing Day sales. Found so many great things!
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  12. Online ;)

    But if I had to pick, NY for sure
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  13. Las Vegas. Stores close mostly at 11pm and midnight during weekends. And stores open year-round!
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  14. Have never been! But I heard the shopping is amazing...I have to try to get out there :smile:
  15. London, Paris, Vegas (I like Vegas better than NYC), L.A., Honolulu.