What Chloe sandal is this?

  1. Can anyone enlighten me as to what "style" this is? Is this the Paddington??? Please help if you know anywhere that still carries them ... these are *hot* and I want to try to find them in my size. :yes:


  2. I think it's called "Capri"...
    Where are you located?

    If in Sydney AUS, David Jones in Elizabeth St has them but very limited sizes...let me know..i can check them for you...:graucho:
  3. I think those are last season. Check out Yoox.com. They might still have them.
  4. Oooh!! You guys *rock*!!

    chloe-babe... Thanks so much for the links... I'm checking them out now. I might be able to get them from yoox!

    bagsforme... yep, they're there!

    aki_sato... you are sweet! Too bad I'm in So Cal or I would so *be* at *David Jones in Elizabeth St* this weekend! ;)

    Can anyone attest to the sizing with the Chloe sandals? I usually wear a 9 1/2 in sandals... any advice appreciated.:yes:
  5. the open sandals like these are generous, you can go true to size :smile:
  6. That's a good price at YOOX...Saks has them for $690, although they do have all sizes.