What Chloe is this?

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  1. Hi all!

    I'm not a Chloe expert, but I saw this bag with Michelle Williams, and wanted to know if there was a specific name for it?

    A Socialite's Life: Image Viewer

    I think the pictures are huge, so takes a moment to load.

    And, I'm sorry if this really belongs in the celebrity section :shame: .
  2. It's the zipper something I think. I saw those at Nordies a couple weeks ago.
  3. Is it the brand new shoulder bag paddy,
    I have a piccie somewhere, hold on, no they have one strap. It looks like the shopper tote. Its yummy :biggrin:!
  4. It's the Large Leather Tote (she just took off the lock)

    Net-A-Porter for $1585.
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