What Chloe is on sale?

  1. Hi - I am in the UK and the sales do not start until next week. For all those elsewhere, can you tell me what Chloe went on sale, ie styles etc?

  2. I just went to Bergdorf Goodman - heres the goods: Chloe tan silverado (med) $945 US dollars '
    Chloe large paddington hobo $1125; Ascot tote $840
    Betty LG white $1350
    Iris buffalo (Tan) $1073

    call them! 800 967-3788
    Hope this helps!
  3. Matches in Notting Hill is on sale tomorrow I think, and they have some Chloe bags there!
  4. MissBradShaw ... it's too bad you aren't here in the States because with the GBP being so strong against the dollar, it would already feel like there's a discount ... but in addition, a lot of the stores (Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales - TONS, Bergdorf Goodman, etc.) have slashed their prices on the Chloe bags.

    I was at Bloomingdales yesterday (Chestnut Hill, MA), and they had a number of Silverado, Paddingtons ('regular' and Large-sized), Betty Totes, etc.
  5. Angel - does matches def start tomorrow?
  6. CeeJay - wish I was! I dont think there will be many classic Paddingtons on sale here...most stores are sold out
  7. Hi Miss Bradshaw. Matches sale started yesterday (21st June). I went to the Richmond Store today, and none of the paddys are on sale, they have stayed full price. The balenciagas are discounted up to 25%, but that will come down more (they always discount low to start with to see if things shift).
    I bought a fab Chloe Dress, but it was from the A/W 06 collection, so not out on the shelves yet (had to laugh, went in to get a summer dress on sale, and came out with a new season one!!)
  8. thanks! I am still waiting on Harvey Nicks to see if there paddys go down (think the yellow might)
  9. Oooh, I didn't know that Matches reduced their BBags!! Might have to go there and have a looky!! I went to London Selfridges for the first day of sale yesterday and was disappointed with what was left!! I got there after work and when I checked the Chloe boutique there wasn't much left that was on sale :sad: I don't think any paddys were on sale though....hmmm will joining miss bradshaw and going to Harvey Nicks!! Does anyone know when their sale is?? (Now that could be V bad for my Virgin Credit card, which has been left to be used for any sales bargains!!)
  10. Starts on 28th June (Weds) at 10am!
  11. Thanks!! Hope you manage to grab a bargain ;)
  12. I think they might have paddys on sale...Selfridges was rubbish wasn't it!
  13. Yellow paddy's just went 50% off here at a boutique in Soho.
    Not sure how many they have left.
    Gold and silver also went 50% off
  14. Yeah Selfridges was very disappointing...normally there is a real buzz when the sale starts there...but this summer sale was a wash-out!!
  15. thanks stratsey - there seems to be so many more paddys on sale in the US

    I just went round today looking and only a handful of shops even have paddys from S/S 06