What Chloe bag do I own?

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  1. Could you help me, girls?

    I bought this a few years back, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I paid about 1200 dollars in Sweden.

    It's dark brown leather and the decorations in the leather band is a horse, a ball and a horse shoe.

    Is there any Chloe experts here that could give me the name, year, model, etc.? It's fun to know.

    Thank you :smile:
  2. Its a Kerala...and gorgeous!
  3. Thank you! :smile:
    Yes, I love it, but the horse, ball and horse shoe is heavy and is in the way, so I usually put it inside the bag :P It's also very noisy. Other than that - a perfect handbag.
  4. So are you eyeing any more Chloe bags, or this it for you?
  5. Sallydarling - its a Kerala - and the leather looks lovely. If you check inside the inner pocket - there will be a datecode tag - that will tell the season/year.
  6. I think this will do for now. Waiting for a Mulberry Bayswater in Chocolate Printed Leather, and after that I think I want a LV Speedy 30 in Damier Azur.
  7. I love Kerala so much.... Love your bag :smile:
  8. oh that bags gorgeous! i have always wanted a kerala!
  9. what a leather..........!!!!
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    Thank you for the compliments, LovePink, bag*mad*bags and scarcici :cloud9:

    It still have that nice leather scent to it even though it's a few years "old". I can sniff it for hours :P

    Lescoy: I couldn't find the datecode tag inside the bag - what does it look like?
  11. ^^ the tag is small - little piece of leather - will have numbers on it. It should be located in the inner pocket. As I say - it is small - and girls have missed them - so just have another look.
  12. Oh my - I really can't find the tag. There is only one pocket (without a zipper), but no piece of leather. Oh well, I bought this in a boutique so I know for sure that it is definetely authentic, but otherswise I would be concerned.
  13. Sallydarling - Hi its unusual for it not to have a tag. The boutique where you bought - is it an Authorised Chloe stockist?

    Also - can you load photos of the bag into a Photobucket album - www.photobucket.com - and post the link? Really just want to see the inside - as it would normally have a zippered pocket - Would like to see the Chloe heatstamp inside the bag. The zipper pull, the horse, the ball - which should have engraving on it and the horseshoe - again that should have engraving on it. The clip for fastening - on the 'round' part which moves to open and close - that should also have engraving on it.

    Can you confirm these and post photos?
  14. No, it is not a Chloé boutique, but a boutiqe that sells different designer items. I will certenly do that after I've had my coffey, just got home from school :smile:
    OMG, could it be a fake bag? I sure hope not. It's like getting the wrong baby home from the hospital and realize three years later that you have been loving the wrong kid :weird:
  15. ^^ Well, if its a boutique which only has a very few Chloe items - then the issue is where it has sourced them from. Chloe are generally only sold through Authorised Stockists - i.e., Chloe Boutiques and stores such as Net-a-Porter, Neiman Marcus, Saks. In the UK, Harrods, Selfridges, Harvey Nicholls etc., so if the boutique isn't an Authorised stockist - then there could be a question - but the photos should definitely help!