What Chloe are you carrying today???

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1369197332.338658.jpg
    Mimosa paraty came with me today :smile:
  2. Paraty
  3. wonderful colour
  4. Black Marcie Hobo -Large.
  5. Thanks!! I'm absolutely in love with it!
  6. Had a great time in London carrying my medium cashmere gray marcie hobo everywhere!
  7. Taking my large coral Marcie hobo on a shopping trip today!
  8. Oh no, I'm not letting you get away with not posting a picture of that one!!!!! Pleeeease.... pictures!
  9. Medium Marcie in tan! This bags getting the perfect slouch!!
  10. Medium Paraty in Holly Berry.

    Just picked this one up on sale at Nordstrom. My other Paratys are all large sized. I really like the medium, just hoping it fits all my stuff! Today will be an experiment in paring down.
  11. Pictures?? C'mon guys, this thread is useless without pics.

    I packed up my medium Paraty in brown sugar today, but wound up working from home... so not sure if I'll use her. But here's a pic anyway since she's packed up & ready to go.

  12. Here's a pic.....Holly Berry Medium Paraty riding the train to work.

    Attached Files:

  13. Gorgeous! And what is that cute newspaper tote behind it?

  14. Thanks! That's a Kate Spade Bon Shopper. Holds my iPad, knitting and misc. junk!

    Love the Brown Sugar. I want a light tan/camel Paraty. I'd love to have one in every color!
  15. my tan marcie pic is a page back! love pics too - keep them coming!

    lovely bags ladies! queenlouis, rorosity & gagabag i love your paratys - i have one in caramel & love it so much!
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