What Chloe are you carrying today???

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  1. So happy to see this thread still going :smile: I'm using my black Saskia today - a quirky classic - love it!
  2. I'm using my Fetish Red Marcie cross body satchel today.
  3. My tan Marcie satchel now that the weather is nice!! I love this bag so much & cannot imagine ever parting with it! The leather is so nice & soft & I love carrying this bag! :biggrin:

    2012 417 (429x640).jpg
  4. medium marcie satchel in black x
  5. I carried my new 60th Anniversary reissue Paddington in Nut to work this week. I love the size, shape & look of it. But that padlock definitely does add some weight to it.

  6. Gorgeous. Damn but Chloe knows how to do stunning neutrals!
  7. They do, don't they. With Coach lately, I'm all about the gorgeous Legacy colors, but with Chloe', it's the neutrals that stand out to me.
  8. Only 2 to choose from, but used my Ocean Paraty today.
  9. Marcie medium in tan
  10. caramel paraty
  11. Animation Marcie in Mahogany
  12. :useless:
  13. Paraty medium in icy mint, which is fast becoming my new favourite. It's more neutral than I thought - very hard to capture the colour, but it's amazing in person!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1368077950.134211.jpg
  14. Carrying my Rock Paraty for the past week :smile:
  15. Large Poppy Paraty!
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