What Chloe are you carrying today???

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  1. Thanks DD!! I think she's found her permanent home!!

    Bet your Tan one looks TDF (and spotted your later post, re Rock Paraty - bet that's lovely too!! Must get my Ocean one out of the dustbag, but everything's been made redundant, since I got my Marcie!!)
  2. My Nut Marcie in medium!
  3. Beautiful
  4. Thanks!
  5. Med Marcie hobo in coral. First time in Sping to kick off the season:smile:
  6. Heloise Hobo camel colored
  7. Chloe Marcie Odalisque Pink!
  8. Marcie crossbody in Ochre!

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  9. Rocking my Nut large Marcie for the weekend:happydance:

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  10. #580 Mar 23, 2013
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2013
    My Chloe Marcie in suede oak


    Sorry I have no idea why my photo is coming out sideways! But you get the idea! ;)

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  11. Afraid we're about 6" in snow here, so no Chloes for me today - but have been using my Ocean Paraty all week for work :smile:
  12. Wore my brown sugar Paraty to work yesterday. I love my ultraviolet Coach wallet with this color.

  13. Coral Marcie hobo today :smile:
  14. Took out my Helouise today.....gee shes a stunner:P
  15. I'm carrying my Bay satchel in camel (non-quilted style). It has been languishing in my closet for the last couple of years, and yesterday I decided it needed to come out.

    And all of a sudden, it seems like the perfect bag! Perfect size, perfect color, just perfect. Does that happen to you guys sometimes?