What Chloe are you carrying today???

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  1. Medium Marcie hobo in nut.

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  2. Medium Royal Blue Marnie
  3. caramel paraty
  4. Odalisque Pink medium Paraty.
  5. Deep Blue Marcie

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  6. my black paraty to the post office and getting starbucks
  7. Velvet mauve large Hobo!
  8. Marcie crossbody
  9. Lovely Ms. Rock Paraty today. :hbeat:
  10. Since I took delivery of my new-to-me large black Marcie on 21st Feb, I've used it pretty much daily :smile:

  11. Hey LadyF!! Happy to hear you got a new friend ;)
    It's an amazing bag, enjoy!

    I'm using my tan medium Marcie, she's lovely in the sun....
  12. My lovely large Ms.Marcie in Nut for me today:heart:

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  13. Still with my Rock Paraty. It's weird but I just love the jingle-jangle sound the handles make when I pick her up or set her down. :smile:
  14. Rock Paraty :heart: