What Chloe are you carrying today???

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  1. Horstmann is out of stock, they just have the large one. But Emma (also in Hanover) carries the mini in b/w. Yesterday she was still there. :smile:
  2. Good luck! Fingers crossed for a successful hunt! 😉
  3. Thank you
  4. The only Chloe I have....Ocean Paraty!
  5. I have a orange Chloe Sally bag
  6. It's raining here today so I'm using my Chloe black Marcie cross body bag !
  7. My new Chloe Marcie crossbody in tan! I love it!
  8. Pictuuuuures!!! :biggrin: happy for you, she finally arrived! Congrats my friend.
  9. Oh crap I was going to message u but forgot. Am going to do that now haha.
  10. That's the most comfortable bag in the whole world. I LOVE IT
  11. New Chloe mini Marcie crossbody in blue. In love love love. It's so practical for daily use yet elegant!

  12. Any modeling pics. I wanna see if the strap is too long!!! :smile: TIA
  13. Large black Marcie hobo
  14. The blue color is beautiful !!
  15. Medium tan Marcie :love: