What Chloe are you carrying today???

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  1. just to liven things up I thought we could share our Chloe flavour of the moment when we're using them.

    I'm taking noir edith satchel out today - it's suits the wintery weather!

    How about everyone else???
  2. I'm carrying my large black patent Betty today:love:!
  3. This is a great idea, DRR.

    I took my white Betty hobo out today. not today's outfit but with her.

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  4. Ah, Betty & Edith love! Today was rainy so I cheated with a lovely RM. (I'd love to get a patent Betty hobo one day.) Tomorrow it'll be back to my whiskey Marcie.
  5. It's a little grey outside today so I'm thinking Paraty shopper in Cypress. If it actually looks like it's raining I'll go for the MbMJ "Pretty" nylon tote -- it's pretty waterproof. :smile:
  6. It ended up being a sunny day, but I'm carrying my Paraty shopper anyway; I've missed her. :flowers:
  7. I'm using my black Edith satchel today. Love her!
  8. black elvire
  9. Ink Blue Baby Paddington for me today!! x
  10. Edith black messenger- a real hard working bag to carry your life around!
  11. My very first Chloe, Olive Edith
  12. I took out black edith again today - it must be an edith sort of week! :biggrin:
  13. Great thread, DRR.

    Took out Mavis in Bark today. I did notice how even more lovely the Bark color is in the sunshine! :sunshine:
  14. Red Edith :love::heart:
  15. :ghi5: