What chic flap bag is this in Allure?

  1. Could you ladies identify this bag for me, please? It is amazing, and looks big too! :heart:

    Does anyone know if it is still available and what the price is? What colors and sizes did it come in? Any info appreciated. :yes:
  2. Modern chain flap? :confused1:
  3. [​IMG]

    Yeah, i think it's modern chain flap....not sure if it's still available in the stores but i saw a couple available on eBay:love:
  4. I think I have seen them at Bloomingdale's NY last month. It is the MC tote.
  5. ^MC Flap. :yes:

    MC tote is much bigger and doesn't have a flap closure.
  6. Thanks girls! So it is a seasonal limited bag? I was just wondering whether they will have more in the Spring, maybe in other colors?
  7. It was definitely seasonal but there may very well be a few still floating around. :yes: I don't know if the cruise '08 modern chain ligne came out with a flap again. The new versions have a resin chain, and the tote was recalled because the chains broke!!!

    If you do buy a MC flap, do buy the old style with the metal chain.
  8. Yes this is the modern chain flap, I just saw one on eBay for around $2800 BIN, but it was red..
  9. does anyone know if this bag is heavy??
    and wat's the retail price usually for the large one about 10"? saw one on eBay but not too sure about their retail price. would love to know more before i bid for it