What cheese's go good with fruit?

  1. Besides brie? I've been on a fruit kick and am looking for a different cheese to go with it. Suggestions?
  2. Sharp cheddars are good, and a change from a soft cheese-Edam, Gruyere, there isn't one I don't like!
  3. I think that swiss goes good with many fruits.

    Do you have a Whole Foods near you? If so, their cheese dept has knowledgable sales folk who can assist you with the correct cheese-fruit pairings.
  4. I love sharp cheddar on apples and pears.
  5. A really strong, aggressive blue cheese is DIVINE with fig paste... oh my!!!
  6. Machengo is amazing with fruit :yes:
  7. Edam and Gouda.
  8. parrano is a wonderful, unusual cheese, available at whole foods and trader joes
  9. Guyere goes nicely, it's been my favorite lately... and a little goes a long way. Mild with a smooth aftertaste.
  10. Brie.
    Trader Joe's sells some wonderful jams (like strawberry peach champagne).
    Put the jam on the brie and heat it up in the oven. Then serve it with crackers.

    Or, you could serve brie with grapes and a baguette.
  11. It really depends on the fruit (dried or fresh), your palette, and your choice of wine. I would recommend do a course of 4 cheese, possibly a tasting of 2 hard and 2 soft or old world v. new. You can google cheese offerings at formal french restaurants for inspiration. If you're doing something more casual, then brie and triple creams are very popular choices.
  12. Gouda!!!!!!!!
  13. camebert. it's kind of like brie, only with a slightly different taste. it goes very well with apples.
  14. I also love cheddar with apples!
  15. Love gouda! esp aged over a year!