What Charms Do You Use With Your Chocolate Signature Carly's

  1. I decided my Chocolate Signature Carly needed a tiny boost to make her a bit more colorful. So, I headed to my nearest outlet to see if I could find a cute charm. All the hardware is gold, so I wanted to match her with cute charm that had a gold ring. I did find a really cute heart with gold studs on it and brown signature in the center. It looked very classy, but I was wearing my gold/khacki Carly and she stole it away. So Jealous. So, ladies if you would send me some pics of your Chocolate Carly's decorated and just what you use to make the chocolate stand out, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!!!! :tup:
  2. When I had my chocolate carly I just had my inital charm on it.. I thought it was really cute on that! Silver hardware, but to me it looked good! ;)
  3. Thanks! It is such a nice bag it really does not need anything, but I am prone to Turquoise or pink with brown and wanted just sonething with a gold ring to to match the pretty hardware. . :tup:
  4. try the sun or the new breast cancer one.
  5. Sorry I don't have the pic anymore I agree against the chocolate carly especially on the carly I like the charm... I think I have seen some with the koi fish and I agree the sun would look good.. check out the carly forum, there may be some pics on there... :tup:
  6. The lion :smile:
  7. How about the script heart? Its adorable and brass too!
  8. Lion, Monkey, or OH GOSH! There is a relatively new Legacy photo album keyfob in stores that is beautiful and extremely classy with it.
  9. i just use my old standby...Coach STAR charm
  10. Good Idea, I like the sun fob. I just have not see it anywhere. Thanks!
  11. I like your letters. I too have a blue/silver star on my mini Carly bag...and I do have the peace charm and a daisy type flower. They just do not seem to do the lovely brown Carly justice. She is just too classy, LOL :yes:
  12. I will have to look. I was hoping for the gold apple, but have not found that at all. Thank you!!!:smile:
  13. OOH I forgot all about that one. I have not seen that one in a long while. Thanks!!!:tup:
  14. Yes, the lion is adorable. My outlet has the monkey and the owl, but it did not hit me as "the one" for her...Thanks!!!
  15. I love your slogan,..just give me the Coach....adorable...I saw the fish at the outlet. I should have just grabbed it, but it was silver. So hard to find a gold fob. Darn,..