What "CHANEL" will you.......

  1. be carrying this weekend. Let's have some fun:yahoo:.......I will be carry my Chanel Kelly Bag as soon as I go and pick it up. :tup::drool::graucho:

    What "CHANEL" will you be carrying?
  2. I will probably debut one of my new Jumbo Flaps. The Grey Lambskin one has been sitting in its dust bag for too long! If not, then I'll stick to my trusty Pocket In The City flap tote.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  3. I'll be using my jumbo caviar flap.
  4. My newly purchased Modern Chain flap in dark gray color :yahoo:. Maybe ultimate soft in beige color too :wlae:
  5. My new addition to the family - 05 Grey Reissue.
  6. I think I am going to break out my black classic jumbo for the first time...and I think I will also wear my pearls for the first time...we'll see;)
  7. i will be busting out the bordeaux reissue i just scored! woohoooo
  8. Warm weather means I'll only be wearing dresses~either my Medallion tote or an E/W!
  9. black lambskin jumbo flap with new chain!! i havent used it yet so i cant wait!!! and maybe my chanel classic pearls!
  10. N/S modern chain and my new j12 38mm diamond marker watch! :p:tup:
  11. My new gray jumbo :yes:, wallet and of course my white J12 with diamond bezel.
  12. Probably caviar jumbo with new chain.....drinking/weekend bag!!LOL!(The PF JILL'S are reuniting this weekend..ROFL!)
  13. will be carrying a pink caviar medium flap! :biggrin:
  14. I will break out my red jumbo with new chain. DH found out about it so there is no point in keeping this baby in the closet!
  15. I am going to break out my new medium caviar black flap with silver h/w and I will be at SCP Sunday so if any of you PF girls see me yell!