what chanel will you be carrying this summer?

  1. I am just thinking about what bag I'll be carrying this summer for a casual day bag. I know that it won't be the gray vintage ligne or the black modern chain. I think those will look too wintery...Probably not the black or grey reissue either (just at night, out to dinner and such).
    That leaves me with the khaki cabas, the cambon reporter or tote (both are black but a lighter weight leather with the pretty pink lining showing here and there), white reissue, patent ritz and patent luxury tote.
    Are all of the above mentioned acceptable summer bags? Which would you recommend? Which do you think should be retired for the summer?

    and then back to the original question...which Chanel will you be carrying?
  2. I think the bags you listed would look cute in the summer!

    I'll be using my white GST the most :love:
  3. ^^^wow, that looks great on you!
  4. I shall be using my Teal Baby cabas....
  5. Absolutelt Baby Cabas in white!
  6. I wear my F/W bags all year round. I find that I love Chanel's F/W collection much more than their S/S. I wear them with bright tops like yellow, pinks, whites to contrast the bag. Then again, I'm not into trendy colors. I'll be using my Dark chocolate vintage ligne tote most of the time for work, travel and vacations.
  7. I only have two Chanel bags and they are both Black ...
    the Kelly I will still use as an evening/special occasion bag and I love my Lady Braid Satchel so I will still use her year round as well!
  8. White caviar jumbo!
  9. I think all of the bags you mentioned, maybe except for the first two, are definitely acceptable, though I usually think most anything goes if you carry it well (which I'm sure you do) :smile: Hmmm, I have lots of options courtesy of my "joint" collection with my mom, so for a casual day maybe my Khaki Cabas, small brown cambon reporter, or light beige caviar jumbo. Evenings could be gold luxury bowler for a lil bling haha, or maybe my coral medium flap because the color is just stunning, especially in the spring and summer!

  10. i've been using the most of my white goatskin contrasting piping wallet bag this summer. Unfortunately, Summer end in about 2wks for us.
  11. White Jumbo Flap...wish i had a cabas for summer though...
  12. I carry all of mine year round. It depends what kind of mood I'm in mostly.
  13. That one white bag looked
    so good on you..

    mmm the lVbabydoll.....
  14. Probably my white Coccinelle...
  15. RockerChic we must be on the same wavelength as I was just thinking about this the other night. I don't think I can pull off the Black MC Tote either for summer. (Although I can't wait to go skiing in 6 short weeks because it will be my travel bag!!) I actually really love my fabric/leather Lambertson Truex bags that I get for summer. They are so wearable and if I go to the pool or to swim meets I don't need to worry about it at all. The other bag I'm jones-ing for is a Loro Piana. I know the spring line is more fabric based.

    I'm with absolutanne. I LOVE Chanel F/W much more than S/S. Although my SA said that Act 2 from S/S will be better than Act 1.

    The Pale Gold Patent has me intrigued. Can you pull off patent for everyday?