What Chanel Style is this?

  1. Hi there, Does anyone recognise this Chanel bag style? :confused1:
  2. I am not familiar with this style. Are there any other pictures? Is there a picture of the hologram sticker? Maybe we can help at least identify what year it was made.
  3. wow! that looks quite like a vintage! love the edgy look!
  4. Hey...the satchel has a cotton lining and the hologram which is crossed (located in the seam of the pocket) has the number 7872636. The chain may or may not be lighter than I would have expected and it looks as if something has come off it like a piece of Chanel hardware. Truely stumped and not 100% convinced from the zip as the pull looks newer than the zip fastening. Help!
  5. Still hoping someone can assist me with this bag...I love authenticating but it has me stumped at the moment.
  6. The high 7 series number indicates that this would be from 2003.

    What does it say on the Made in interior tag, do you have a picture of that? And do you also have a picture of the zipper pull? Does it have any markings on the zipper pull or on the underside of the zipper head?