What Chanel should I buy at THE CHANEL in Paris

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  1. Going to Paris/London for my 15th Anniv. and would really like to get a Chanel in the original Chanel store. I already have a Black GST, Pink PST and a beige Medallion. I was thinking of maybe a Black 2.55? Any suggestions??
  2. Depending on your body frame size, I would definitely get a black M/L, Jumbo or Maxi! You need that classic in your collection :smile:
  3. Looking at your collection, the black 2.55 would be a great memory of your trip to Paris. Enjoy your trip, Paris and London are a lot of fun. Bon voyage! :smile:
  4. I think it would be awesome to bring back a classic flap from Paris!
  5. black M/L classic flap w GHW in lamb:tup:!!!!!
  6. Definitely a m/l or jumbo flap in black!!
  7. that amazing! i have 2 gst (black and gold) ( white and silver)
    i also have the small flap and jumbo flap! i highly reccommend the jumbo flap! Mine is REDDD :smile:
  8. How nice to see Paris for your 15th Anniversary! Definitely try to bring back a A M/L in lambskin! Congrats on your Anniv.!
  9. Black classic flap or black reissue in GHW !!
  10. + 1 :cloud9:
  11. Congrats on your 15th wedding anniversary! A classic Chanel flap from Paris is the perfect gift!
  12. Concur :graucho: