What Chanel is this?

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  1. May I know what is this? Which season/model?


    Thanks in advance!
  2. this is the new bag that's coming, it is actually in the Nordstrom PDF file someone posted before. Expensive though.

    $3495 according to the Nordstrom pdf file

  3. Oh haha thanks! Where did you get the file from?
  4. ^ oh, a Pfer got it from a SA in Nordstrom in Seattle I think, I just copies it and posted it for you.
  5. Haha sure thanks! :biggrin: Do you have the link to the thread?
  6. ^ I love that purse ! I was wondering when someone would ask about it . i like the clutch , too .
  7. the picture is already gone, which bag was it?
  8. ^ Arizona w/ chain . Sooo gorgeous !
  9. it's an ACT2 F/W 2006
    The name of collections is ARIZONA
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