WHAT chanel is this??

  1. So, I see pics of this lady with a gorgeous Chanel, it looks like the Eifel tower one but it's not... any ideas?


  2. That looks like the eiffel tower one to me . It just looks like she has it open .
  3. what is the red monument-looking thingy on it?
  4. Here is the pic you posted before . It's definitely from that line at least .
  5. Arch De Triomphe
  6. Wow , you're perceptive . That is different . definitely fromm the same line , but it looks like a tote that closes on top w/ a CC closure . But it has the chain handles . Perhaps it is a lrg flap version of the one you want . It doesn't seem to have a large flap though , kind of like it folds over a little then clasps shut .
  7. it's pretty :smile: *drools* Sophia, thank you so much again - you don't know how hard it was for me to look for that purse :smile:
  8. ^ No problem . I was having fun the other night posting all the pink Chanels for you that , I too , obsess over !
  9. btw, the one on ebay doesn't have the arc de triomphe, so perhaps another version of that one? hmm.... i haven't seen the one she has anywhere though...
  10. Yeah hers is a little different . Bigger and more of a tote it looks like . I've never seen it either ?
  11. Such a cute bag!! I love it!!