what chanel is this?

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  1. Hello,

    I found this picture in Burberry Princess' Chanel authentication page:

    I was wondering what this Chanel is called? I am not very familiar with Chanel - sorry if this sounds like a stupid question. I would really appreciate your inout -- what it's called, what year it was made, etc. Thanks you so much ladies!
  2. [​IMG]

    i've seen this bag around but never know the name LOL
  3. yes i agree, it's kind of unusual. i don't particularly like it, but i really wonder what its called.

    i hope someone knows :wlae:
  4. ^ LOL I just posted the name
  5. wow!! thanks so much :smile: now i can sleep :tup:
  6. IMO I've always thought this would be the perfect 'mommy-working-in-the-office' bag LOL. I've always imagined my mom who was an ex-banker who wore suits to work with nice matching kelly bags carrying this. This bag would probably suit mommies/ladies like that! IMO, it's a no-nonsense aka prim and proper, classic and very ladylike bag!
  7. hmmm on second thought, the handles are different. why do you think that is? thanks beautylicious!
  8. They have changed the handles over the years, not sure when that was exactly.
  9. thank you beautylicious! ladydeluxe, now that you mention how this bag would be perfect for women who wear suits, i think it might be the perfect present for my aunt.

    any idea how much this is? i hope it's available in hong kong (i'm from manila and i'm going to hong kong next week). also do you know of reputable second-hand resellers of this line?

    thanks again!
  10. ^ I think you could try the 8 Chanel boutiques in HK. They probably have them since it's a classic ligne I believe. I usually see it in the boutique whenever I'm there. You could probably score it in the consignment shops but I'm not sure of any in HK. I heard Milan Station? Try googling or maybe other pfers who are familiar in this area could advise you. Good luck!
  11. yes i have heard of milan station (kowloon side, i think). i'l definitely check there first. i just might score a deal *crosses fingers*

    i plan to check all chanel stores in HK, the one in the airport, in central...

    thanks :smile: