What Chanel is it???

  1. Hi,
    I'm searching a Chanel bag black with white side fittings.
    It has silver CC logo and magnetic closure on front and silver chain strap.
    It seems a 2.55,but I'm not sure that it is!Can you help me ti find what kind of Chanel it is????Thanks
  2. photo please?

  3. I haven't photo and I don't find it in internet.I find a similar bag in a replica site and this is link:
    ooops, links to counterfeits aren't allowed.

    but I don't want buy a replica!!I want know what kind of Chanel it is.
  4. I can't give you link,so I don't know how to do to show...But I want this bag...:sad:
  5. Alot of "replicas" are made that aren't even replicas of bags Chanel ever even made, they just slapped the Chanel logo on some creative (or not so creative) design of their own, so that might be the reason why you can't find a picture of one on any legitimate site. My recommendation is to check out the reference library and find one in there that you really like. If you describe what kind of bag you'd like to find, we'd be happy to give you advice.
  6. This is the bag from the replica site.
    But i don't want buy replica.

  7. Exist this bag??????????????????????????????????Please!!!
  8. ^
    I dont ever recall seeing a chanel bag quite like that.
    Chanel has classic flaps, but the metal CC's arent as big as this bag is.
    Check the reference forum under- pictures of you with your flap...
    there is something there for everyone
  9. I think that model has never existed or is quite old (I myself has never seen it) but there is version being released this spring similar to that but instead of white piping, it will either come in pink, navy and neon yellow.

  10. What the name???Have you a photo??Thanks
  11. i've seen the wallet at the boutique but not a bag of that version you posted.

  12. what time ago??
  13. it kinda looks like a new bag i saw in a look book for s/s 2008. it had the piping around the edge like that. but i think the logo was in the middle instead of on the flap. i think they classified it as Neon? but i dont think that was the name... sorry. that's all i know.

  14. I 've decided this afternoon I go to chanel boutique!!!
  15. Good idea. Let us know what you find out...or what goodies you come back with :graucho: