what chanel do you/would you carry when you're very casual.

  1. like in a hoodie and shorts or something of the sort.
  2. I only own two chanels, my modern chain hobo and my black clutch. So I use my hobo, it works for everything.

    But if I am going super casual like a football game, I use my prada since its nylon. Or if its raining I use my LV canvas purses.
  3. For very casual days it's my Cambon bags.
  4. the other day I went grocery shopping in jeans, Ugg boots, a hoodie sweatshirt AND my Lady Braid Satchel :nuts:
  5. I had a casual dinner tonight (jeans/sweater) and I carried my GST.
  6. When I'm in jeans and a hoodie I go with a large vintage bag that's understated but still classy. I'd go w/ a smaller bag, but carry too much!
  7. Nothing patent or blingy. I'd use my distressed leather bags like my bordeaux reissue or vintage ligne. For slouchy styles, I'd use my black Ultimate soft.
  8. I wouldn't carry a Chanel--I don't have one for casual days yet! :sad:
  9. I often carry my Jumbo Caviar Classic Flap! Even on super casual days. Somehow...it works. :yes:
  10. ^^^ I agree !:yes: (you all saw the thread where I took it to the Superbowl)

    Also my Cambon Bowling Bag


    I use my Modern Chain Tote going to work (teaching group fitness classes- so that's pretty casual attire for me;) :p )
  11. lately i use my vinyl cabas. it's super cute with leggings and uggs boots and cashmere hoodie.

    or i use any of my caviar bags. or my reporter..depends. I'll use any of them.

    even my patent leather flap w/silver h.w. is cute with a pair of jeans and a wife beater!
  12. Any of my Chanels that struck my fancy that day---
  13. Small M/C Tote or Cabas
  14. I carry my metallic black luxury bowler. I recently carried my Reissue with a casual outfit and it looked a little off... I think the flap bags don't work as well with hoodies.
  15. Vinyl Cabas! I goes with everything!