What Chanel bag should I get?

  1. Hi, I have two bags so far and will try to post pics. They are the mini classic black caviar and a beige one (I don't know what it's called) but it has two flap closures on the outside and is soft lambskin. I need something for the weekends for shopping, movies, errands:shrugs:. Should I get the black PST or the East/West bag or the cerf tote? Thanks for your advice--I can't decide! :confused1:
    beige.jpg DSCN1693.jpg
  2. I say get a black PST or a Cerf Tote. The East/West is too similar to your mini.
  3. The black one is better. :smile:
  4. BLack PST!
  5. i like this one
  6. black pst!
  7. Definitely the black :yes:
  8. black PST or cerf tote.
  9. Black get my vote
  10. Have u looked at all the new spring bags.....I adore the funkier ones..Rock and chain...soft and chain...cotton club????Theyd add to your great collection!
  11. the black one, so cute!
  12. I would say not the E/W, IMO I'd go with the PST, the Cerf or one of the fun new bags -- I bought a perforated tote, I love it! Roomy but lightweight. Def. try them on somewhere if you can to make sure that whatever you pick suits the amount of "stuff" you normally tote around. Good luck!! :smile: