What Chanel bag is this??

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. Classic Flap in black w/ silver hardware. It looks like a medium.

    I can't tell what material that is but the caviar and lambskin leather are available year round.
  3. That is a black medium classic in jersey fabric!! LOOOOOVE IT!!! i believe it is $1795 or so..i know NM bought it in red for fall, but they are all sold out..i was told the fabric snags easily...hmmm
  4. Ooooh I want that..love the fact the fabric is different. Did NM have black as well?
  5. Is this the red one?

  6. yes, that is the red one...i don't think NM carried it in black this year...last fall they made it in metallic gray...sooo pretty!!
  7. I am sad..so I can't get the bag in any color anywhere??
  8. you can call Saks or Chanel and find out if they ordered it:yes:
  9. ^ For the upcoming season or past season?
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