What Chanel bag is this?

  1. <DIV>Hello all, i dont know where i post this, but if i posted wrong, pls let me know. anyways! could anybody indentify what bag this is? and if possible, could someone tell me the RRP of this bag? or the current value?
    thankyou in advance


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  2. it's a classic caviar chain on wallet.
  3. hmm, thankyou very much for the quick response! the person selling mentioned its an bag, with the measurements of approx 9inchs long and 5 inch depth. is that still an wallet? or do think its a proper bag?
  4. The caviar wallet on a chain is actually 7 1/2 inches by 5 inches. Very cute but too small to be considered a bag, in my opinion!
  5. I love this bag...yes it is a wallet but it is perfect if you travel!!! it can fit your cell phone or camera...you will love it!!!
  6. she mentioned its 9inch by 5 inches. does anybody know its current value? thankyou!
  7. It is in the Saks Christmas catalog and retails for $1295. I don't know anything about the auction, but if it's more than retail then I would try locating it at a store. I'm sure it's still available. Good luck! :smile:
  8. Besides the wrong dimension, that bag doesn't look authentic. You'd better stay away.
  9. Thats interesting. Why do you think it doesnt look authentic?....just curious to know what to look out for with these wallets. Thanks