What chanel bag is that?

  1. Hey u guys i saw this women today with such an amazing chanel bag.
    It was like quilted and very shiny and like has a chanel sign hanging from it.
    and its like a square and has to handles what are also quilted but not the standard chanel chain.
    its a shopper.. but not a big shopper.. and its puffy. but not lambskin 2.55 puffy.. its more puffy.
    I know my description is pretty bad but maybe one of u still knows what bag i mean or has pictures infos or prices.. Id love to have that bag.:woohoo:

    thanxs ladiessss

  2. Chanel sign? Do you mean a charm or an actual tag with the word Chanel spelled out?? It may not have been an authentic bag. Without a photo it is going to be very hard to answer your question.
  3. Hi Saskia,
    Take some time to go through the reference library section (top of the Chanel forums) and you should find it.
  4. I think she might be talking about Cabas. It has the quiting stitched on the bottom. And, a Chanel thing hanging from it.
  5. yeah, I thought she was talking about the cabas as well
  6. hey u guys.. just checked out the pics of the bubble quilt bags... it was something that that!
    The Sign was just a silver CC. Not Chanel spelled out.

    I love those Bubble bags - are they still available... never saw them here in austria!
  7. [​IMG]

    The Bag I am looking for has this handle!!!!!!!!!! so not the standard one..

    And its quilted.. so different leather
  8. vintage ligne tote?
  9. sounds like Vintage Ligne!! Here's my lovely one in dark white, not sure what Chanel sign you saw though?:confused1:
    DSCF2139.jpg DSCF2141.jpg DSCF2145.jpg
  10. Swanky.. what a great bag. You make me wanna buy a white bag!
  11. ^thanks! I LOVE it! I took it back and cried about it untilI ran back and re-bought it! LOL!

    Do any of these look familiar Saskia?
  12. The Vintage Line looks familiar.. But it was bigger and was more like a bowler.. and it deff had the chanel sign hanging on the right side from it.