What Chanel bag for £500/£600?

  1. Hi guys.....I know, I asked this last year.......


    Can anyone tell me what sort of Chanel bag (if any) I could purchase with a budget of £500 (£600 at a push???)???????

    Thanks in advance for any help!!! :love:
  2. Paris Biarritz small tote €760 (GBP570). Or maybe the small hobo, I think the price is around the small tote also, no more than GBP600. This is the price in Chanel Amsterdam and converted to Poundsterling. Hope this help, beastofthefields. Actually I'm looking Chanel bag with this range of price too!
  3. There is very little indeed nowadays after the price increase.

    The PST I think is 650 pounds so if you could stretch to that. Maybe the wallet on a chain might be under 600, that's all I know of offhand. Sorry :confused1:
  4. The timeless clutch is 550 pounds now in caviar, its a gorgeous bag and holds plenty :smile:

    PST is over 600 now, but a great everyday bag, so well worth saving a little longer for.

    Unfortunately, most Chanel bags are way over the 1k mark now.