What Chanel bag does LC from the Hills carry?

  1. Hey all,
    I am generally on the LV forum, so I am unfamiliar with Chanel and their handbag line..
    But I really like the black tote that Lauren Conrad from the Hills wears. What style/model is it and is it still available? Price?

    thanks! :tup:
  2. It's the Medallion caviar tote. I have it and I looooove it. It's still available all over as its part of the Timeless Classic collection.
  3. I really like the Medallion Tote too especially the one that LC has :love:.
  4. How much does it cost and is there somewhere to order it from?
  5. call any NM or chanel boutique and ask for teh Meallion Tote - tell them gold or silver h/w.
  6. Oh yah! Make sure you get an Italy made one. On the Medallion totes, the Italy ones are waaaay better than the France ones.
  7. Really?! How so?
  8. Any info on price? thanks Ladies!
  9. ahhh! Search is working again!
    you're welcome to do a search for current price:yes:
  10. that's a lovely bag! Hope you find one soon~~
  11. I would like to know as well why that is. Seems like most people would prefer made in France for obvious reasons, so the made in Italy ones must be noticeably superior to make them more desirable.

  12. I tried a couple searches and could only find a thread from last March, saying it was in the $1800 range. Maybe I will pop on over to the Chanel Boutique at Mall of America Nordstrom's today...:yes:
  13. Ohhhh sorry I forgot to respond! The Italy made Medallion tote has tougher caviar. Not as soft. Also the handles are thinner looking and not so fat! You will see how bad it looks on the France made ones.

    For flaps, France ones all the way but for the Medallion and the Timeless Clutch, definitely the Italy ones :smile:
  14. ^That's so interesting- thanks!