What Chanel bag did I look at?

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  1. This is driving me crazy. I was at Neiman's yesterday and was looking at a Chanel. I'm not very familiar with the brand as I have been looking from afar for a few years but primarily bought LVs. Anyhow, I had to leave due to my daughter having a meltdown. When I got home I couldn't find the bag I looked at online. So, the bag was a top handle style bag with chain handles and a zipper. There was no type of flap. It was a black with a silvery sheen to it. I'm not sure what fabric I would characterize it as being. It didn't seem like leather so I am assuming it was something like a nylon. There was the classic C monogram at the bottom of the front of the bag. I would say the sizing of the bag was comparable to a LV neo speedy (so not a tote and not a classic flap style). The price of the bag was 2800 US. Any clue as to what I saw? The Neimans SA said the bag had just come in that morning. I really should have wrote down the name but I just wanted to get my daughter to calm down. Thanks for your help.
  2. Sorry can't help you but why don't you call the store and give them the description and ask for the model # and name instead? Hope you find out!
  3. Maybe a retro chain?
  4. Yeah, I'm thinking I will have to go that route. The SA isn't available right now but maybe she'll get back to me later.